The consumption of pork meat helps with muscular development, as well as bone growth in children, and it supplies nutritional properties like:


Helps to maintain blood pressure.


Helps with cognitive development in children.


Helps with the maintenance of bones and teeth.

Vitamin B1

Influences the normal function of the heart.


Contributes to protect cells from oxidative damage.

Viamins B6 and B12

Strengthens the immune system.

PORK MEAT helps us to control the level of cholesterol; grilled or baked, is an ideal product for people who suffer DIABETES. It also helps CONTROL AND WEIGHT REDUCTION due to its low fat content and its high protein index. For ATHLETES it is ideal because in addition to containing many proteins, it supplies essential amino acids and potassium helps strengthen muscles.


It indicates that the product that you’re buying and consuming has an authentic guarantee of quality and health at an international level. 

The certification “Federal Inspection Type” (TIF) is a recognition that is given by SAGARPA through the National Service of Health, Quality and Food Safety (SENASICA) through a meticulous procedure of inspection and supervision of the industrial locations dedicated to produce, store, sacrifice, process and distribute all kinds of meat and it’s derivatives. 

The TIF certification has as it’s objective to increase the quality standards of all of the kinds of meat, and also to promote the reduction in risks of contamination of it’s products, through the practice of the Inspection System made possible through officially authorized, trained personnel.

Among the health norms that the “Federal Inspection Type” (TIF) has, the NOM-004-ZOO-1996 stands out and tells the maximum permissible limit of toxic residue and sample procedures of fat, liver, muscles and kidneys of birds, cattle, goats, cervids, equines, sheep, and pigs as well as cold meats and sausages and in doing so guarantees that the meat is free of clenbuterol and any other toxic substance.